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Best Shoe Cleaner Review 2019

best shoe cleaner

After hours of researching and testing we have made the list of best shoe cleaner in the market.  After thoroughly testing we believe  Jason Markk is the best shoe cleaner for your shoes and sneakers. 


Shoe Type

Shoe Cleaner by Pink Miracle

Leather, Whites, Sneakers, Boots, etc.

​Jason Markk Premiuim Shoe Cleaning and Repel Kits

​Leather, Suede,  Nylon, Canvas, Rubber, Cloth, etc.

​TriNova Shoe Cleaner Kit

Leather, Sneakers, Boots, etc.

​Gear Air ReviveX Shoe Cleaner

​Leather, Suede, Fabric, Sneakers, etc.

​ShoeAnew Shoe Cleaner Kit 

Leather, Suede, Fabric, Sneakers, etc.

​Leather Honey

​Leather Shoes

​Pink Miracle shoe cleaner works exactly like the name. It's a miracle for all types of shoes whether it is for men, women or leather or white sneakers.

​Cleaning special shoes for example- white shoes or leather shoes always need special care. The good news is that the company knows about these little details and they have made something which is Toxic safe and usable in every situation.

Shoe Cleaner by Pink Miracle

​You also get a duster with the 8oz bottle which you will be using to clean shoes. We recommend that you clean or wash the duster every time before you start cleaning a different type of shoe.

​Jason Markk  is one of the most popular shoe cleaner brand.  This is one of the few shoe cleaner models made in the USA. We are not asking you to be nationalist or anything like that, but when a product is made solely in the USA, it says something about the quality of it.

The Jason Markk will also come with a small brush and it can be used with any shoe. It is very easy to clean white sneakers with Jason Markk.

Jason Markk Premiuim Shoe Cleaning and Repel Kits

​As you can get it from the title of this shoe cleaner, from the brand Trinova, is specially designed to take care of heavy duty shoes. It is obviously one of the safest shoe cleaners out there which you can use to clean your shoes from the outside.

TriNova Shoe Cleaner Kit

​Are you thinking about those dust spots or the dirt around your sneakers? Yes, this is the best sneaker cleaner to take care of that stuff. Again, don’t get deceived by the name. It is a heavy duty product that can take care of any shoes, whether it is a heavy duty or a classic one. 

​Gear Aid has produced different types of shoe cleaners at various phases depending on the demand and this represents one of those phases.

Obviously, you can't use this shoe cleaner to clean all types of shoes and that is very clear from the title. You can use this one to clean shoes which are fabric based or Suede models. If you have one of those water boots or something like a soft fabric version, this is the model that you should go for.

Gear Air ReviveX Shoe Cleaner

​We have seen people use this shoe cleaner to clean their other fabric items too such as bags but that is totally up to you and we won't recommend anything in that arena. The best part about this shoe cleaner according to us is the fact that this will keep your shoes clean and stain free for a longer period.

​It can take care of almost all of your shoes. The best part about this shoe cleaner is in its formula. It ensures that the formula has a bit of oil, soap, and conditioner which will always work perfectly for shoe types such as leather or fabric based ones. When you use this shoe cleaner, you are not only cleaning your shoe but you are also shining and providing your shoe a new look.

ShoeAnew Shoe Cleaner Kit

​The bottle is big enough to take care of your long-term needs. As this is an 8 oz bottle (the largest one that we reviewed so far), you can easily get up to 60 pairs of cleaning done with this one.


We recommend to use Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner for most of your shoes. Always make sure that you think about your shoe type when you are buying a shoe cleaner. There are tons of good options out there, but if those do not match with your type of shoe, all of it will go in vain, which nobody wants.

Shoes are tough to manage, but we do it with the help of tools like the best shoe cleaner models. If you can manage shoes well, they will serve you a long period. A pure necessity that will enhance the life of your shoe is  shoe cleaner.

Think about it from your heart. The shoe is something that you wear on your feet and they face all the troubles when you walk around in mud, streets, dust and where not. You can’t put cleaner and start rubbing on your white shoe just because the shoe has lost shine. It will ultimately damage the color even more. The best shoe cleaners don't cost a lot, but on the other hand, the benefits are tremendous if you think about it!

If you are passionate enough about your shoes or if you have seen people who are passionate about their shoes, then you already know what we are talking about. It is the same like how you deal with your car or the best laptop or cell phone of your home. You take care of that no matter whether they need that care at a certain point or not. Cleaning your shoe is doing that same thing only with your shoe.

Shoe cleaner is always a must need. It is like that medicine which will keep your shoe going no matter what happens. 

Also, if you have different types of shoes and you want the same shoe cleaner to work for each type of those, make sure that you are going for an all-rounder. Not every shoe cleaner can support all kinds of shoes and you are the one who needs to keep that in consideration.

The best thing about shoe cleaners is that they are not much costly. Therefore, if you have the option, we recommend that you buy a specific expert cleaner for each type of your shoes. That will be costly but it will keep your shoes better in the long run.

Believe it or not, shoes need more care than you can think of. Shoes are built in a durable fashion by all companies so that they can last long, but with your little cleaning help, you can make that phase even longer.

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