The Best Boxing Shoes 2020 – Reviews and Top Picks

best boxing shoes

Footwear is perhaps the piece of boxing equipment often overlooked by beginners. Novice boxers think they can wear any athletic shoes when training.

But shoes specifically made for boxing can improve your mobility, speed and power. Moreover, the best boxing shoes can let you comfortable in boxing positions and stances. You’ll be able to move better wearing a pair of good boxing shoes. When you can move well, you'll have more speed and power in the ring.

In ranking of boxing shoes, we took into consideration their weight, construction, comfort, and heel and ankle support, among others.




​Adidas Men's Boy's HVC2 

​Mesh, Leather, Suede

​Gum Rubber

TITLE Boxing Lo-Top


​Sculpted Polyurethane

​Ringside Diablo

​Mesh, Leather Vinyl


Ringside Undefeated High Top

​Leather Vinyl


​Otomix Men's Ninja Warrior

​Fabric, Synthetic


​Rival Boxing Boots High Tops

​Fabric, Synthetic

​Sculpted Polyurethane

​Reebok Men's Boxing Boot

​Synthetic leather



Adidas Box Hog 2 is our favorite boxing shoe and perhaps the best boxing shoes today. It is extremely lightweight that you can ‘float’ in the ring. It offers superior heel and ankle support as well. 

When you wear this shoe, you’ll know why this is our favorite boxing footwear. Adidas Box Hog 2 is that it is very lightweight, comfortable, and durable.

Adidas Men's Boy's HVC2

It offers excellent venting with its breathable upper mesh. It can keep your feet cool and comfy while you train thanks to its single layered open-mesh construction.

With this open-mesh design, your feet will also feel light. Your shoes won’t become heavy with sweat, so you can move around better in the ring. The midfoot of this shoe is also very lightweight, so you can be quick on your feet.

You can improve your footwork in the ring when you wear this boxing shoe. You can move forward, backward, and side-to-side quickly. And by moving better, you’ll be able to exploit openings on your openings on your opponents.

You can also keep your balance better when wearing this Adidas shoe. It outsole has a gum rubber, resulting in excellent indoor traction and grip. And by maintaining your balance, you can increase your speed, power, and endurance.

Its synthetic suede overlays give this Adidas shoe a secure and comfortable fit. You can focus more on your training when you wear this shoe. Finally, since it is from Adidas, you can be assured of the build quality and durability of this shoe.

After several rounds of sparring, your legs will feel heavy and affect your footwork. That’s why you want a pair of ultra-lightweight shoes like the TITLE Lo-Top. It can improve your footwork and speed. This shoe is made of the full synthetic leather upper with tight weave nylon.

TITLE Boxing Lo-Top

After several rounds of sparring, your legs will feel heavy and affect your footwork. That’s why you want a pair of ultra-lightweight shoes like the TITLE Lo-Top. It can improve your footwork and speed. This shoe is made of the full synthetic leather upper with tight weave nylon.

You can move a lot better wearing these shoes. It has sculpted polyurethane sole that can provide adequate support for intricate footwork. The sole is very thin that you can feel the ground. This will give you enough traction and balance when you throw haymakers.

You can move quickly side to side, forward, and backward when you have these shoes on your feet. Plus, you will be comfortable with whatever moves you make when wearing these shoes.

With the thin soles of these shoes, you can develop your pivoting. You can also use them for skipping rope and other drills that improve your footwork.

Another reason why this is a top boxing shoe is that these are easy to slip on and off. With only a few top notches to be tied, this pair of shoes would let you go to sparring in a few seconds.

Finally, another good reason you should consider these shoes is the price. It is one of the most competitively priced boxing shoes today. It is thus recommended to novice boxers who don’t want to spend a much for a pair of boxing shoes.

If you’re looking for boxing shoes that are available in a wide range of colors, then this is the model for you. It comes many variations—black, neon green, neon orange, neon yellow, blue, red, white, etc. The Ringside Diablo boxing shoes have a unique, contemporary style

Ringside Diablo

Of course, you’re not just buying boxing shoes based on the looks. Fortunately, the Ringside Diablo is designed to let you move quickly in the ring. This shoe would also keep your feet light and comfortable.

It has a low-top design that would enable you to be quicker on your feet. It is very lightweight, so your legs won’t be dragging after several rounds of sparring. You can move a lot better when you wear this low top boxing shoe.

This is also a good pair to wear for general work in the boxing gym such as bag work, pull ups, and rope wear.

Like the TITLE shoes, the Ringside Diablo boxing shoes has another advantage—it has a very attractive price tag. If you’re looking for a cheap yet good pair of boxing shoes, then this should be on your short list.

​Rounding out our list is this pair of boxing shoes from Ringside. It is well recommended by expert boxers for its excellent design and lightweight construction.

It has a high top ankle design that can protect your ankles against injuries. It is also made of high quality synthetic fabric, giving it an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Many users of these shoes love the small strips of leather and vinyl in these shoes that give it a very distinct look.

Ringside Undefeated High Top

​Another reason you would love these shoes is its satisfactory ventilation capabilities. It does a good job of letting out sweat and heat. The synthetic fabric material from which this shoe is made up should be credited for that. It lets built-up heat to escape directly through its fabric exteriors. Plus, with a wide top design, these shoes give your legs enough room to move.

The Ringside Undefeated also have lightweight rubber soles. These soles would let you move comfortably in the ring. The soles have stellar grip-ability, so you can maintain your balance even while you avoid haymakers from your opponent.

Moreover, it has extra-wide insoles making, your feet should have enough room to breathe.

And just like the Ringside and TITLE boxing shoes, the Undefeated has a very reasonable price.

Simply Ringside Undefeated is an affordable, lightweight, reliable, and breathable pair of boxing shoes.

This pair of hi-top boxing boots from Rival provides excellent ankle support. It is also very durable and reasonably priced. But because it is hi-top design, you can expect to spend more time in lacing up these boots.

Rival Boxing Boots High Tops

​The Rival hi-top boxing boots are peerless when it comes to ankle and foot support. You won’t have to worry about injuring your foot and ankle when you wear these boots.

Experienced boxers also suggest that wearing these boots will make you feel more powerful when throwing punches. It can also keep your legs in a more stable position, giving you more balance and power while in the ring.

Plus, you would look good in the ring when you wear these boots. It is available in various colors—black, white, red, etc. It does have a very classy look.

The outsoles of these shoes are thin with a lot of grip. These would let you maintain your traction without holding your feet too firmly to the ground. The soles are also good enough for regular walking on most surfaces.

Final Words

You can’t overlook the importance of wearing the right boxing shoes during sparring. Right boxing shoes will give you a lot of arch support while not compromising your speed and agility. Whether you are training to become the next Floyd Mayweather or simply to stay fit, you should wear the right pair of boxing shoes.

In choosing boxing shoes, consider your needs. If you are wary of getting ankle injuries, then you should get a high top boxing shoe that provides superior ankle support. If you want to move a lot better, then low top boxing shoes are the best choice for you.

You’ll also have to take into consideration other factors like the materials, design, and price when shopping for the best boxing shoes.

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